This family business was taken on by the hard-working Coetzer family, Marius and Heléne, greatly thanks to the success of the sought-after Florence Wedding Venue, owned by Helene’s parents – Nico and Ane Steinberg. In 2017 the family purchased Smitsfield farm, which for many generations have been the site for the annual Day of Reconciliation remembrance celebrations. This had great significance for the Coetzers, who decided to trade the big city for country living and to take on a new adventure. They pursued life on the countryside with a desire to return to their roots and to raise their children in the same way that they grew up. In 2018, construction began, and their family grew bigger. At the beginning of 2019, weddings and functions started in full swing. Today the Coetzer family is making their dreams come to life on this beautiful farm.

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