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reception venue

The newly constructed venue was designed and built by the family themselves, and their exceptional attention to detail captures the perfect balance between an industrial, factory-like feel and the warmth of the countryside. The entrance foyer displays the signature Smitsfield showcase – the diamond roof trusses. Everything flows from this magnificent room – the venue, the sweeping landscape views and a comfortable lounge with a fireplace where guests could cozy up when the highveld cold sets in. The venue has many unique features, such as 4 meter high industrial steel windows, 4 different fireplaces, 2 industrial wood burners and a cash bar that brings the old and the new together with the old railway carriage doors used to decorate the front of the bar. Custom designed steel and leather chairs, as well as custom designed wood and steel tables form part of this exquisite venue. A state-of-the-art sound system takes care of all auditory requirements. Catering is also done on site by well trained and experienced culinary staff. The venue can easily accommodate 300 people, and for smaller functions the steel doors can be closed off in order to create a more intimate atmosphere.


The iconic chapel at Smitsfield brings history and modernity together perfectly. The chapel was built in 1924 in remembrance of the Day of Reconicilliation, with ceder trees planted in a plus formation – the chapel at the center. Old oak trees surround this beautiful scene. The Coetzers’ love and respect for history motivated them to keep the heritage in place, all the while giving it a new, modern look and feel. The corrugated zink screens originally came from England through the Maputo harbour, and the oregon pine trusses were kept intact. The unique 130 year-old church pews were saved in the Boer War when British soldiers attempted to burn down the Dutch Reformed Church in Ermelo, and they were kept at Smitsfield. The chapel offers a clean, white canvas, complemented with the nude wood pews and crystal chandeliers. The zink screens can be partially or fully opened up during the warmer summer months to enhance the tranquillity of the natural surroundings.

oak canopy

The majestic oak lanes surrounding the property at Smitsfield makes for a tranquil organic outdoor ceremony area. Seating up to 250 guests under the shaded oaks.

popler forest

The natural poplar forest on the banks of the vaal river with a tranquil creek running through the forest, creates the most whimsical outdoor ceremony setting. Seating 160 guests on log pews placed in an amphitheater. The whistle of the wind brushing the silver poplar leaves sets the perfect ambiance for your special day.

bridal suite

For the bride we have luxuriously decorated a bridal suite and salon, where we serve a champagne breakfast for the ladies as they prep for the big day. The bridal suite is renovated from an old cargo coach from the Victorian era, which is where its name originated from. The queens coach has an en suite bathroom, a fully equipped salon with a hair and make up station, as well as a kitchenette and a deck overlooking the highveld surroundings.

groom lounge

The men are spoiled with a vintage sports bar inspired grooms lounge, a perfect backdrop for those classic cigar and whiskey prep moments. Designed to be part of the royal oak station to provide easy access from the rooms and lounging during the morning hours.

train accommodation

Smitsfield offers a very unique accommodation experience, with restored wooden train carriage’s dating from the 1950’s In keeping with the heritage theme, the skeletons of wooden goods and post railway carriages that remained on the farm have been luxuriously renovated into 15 lavish rooms, including the bridal suite. The vision behind the design was to create two station buildings imitating a railway platform, with restroom facilities at the end of the station. In the Royal Oak as well as Victoria Station, each unit contains both a wash-up and a coffee preparation area. To further extend the accommodation capacity, guests also have the option to set up camp in the dedicated camping area, from which they also have access to ablution and recreational amenities. The train coaches can accommodate 30 guests Breakfast is included for all guests staying on the venue.

Blockhouse suites

Four stylishly decorated, modular suites with en suite bathrooms, provide tranquil and scenic views of the property. In total the blockhouses can accommodate 8 guests. The suites are fully equipped with wood burner, bar fridge, coffee facilities, microwave, airconditioner, hairdryer, heated towel rail, shower and toilet. Breakfast is included for all guests staying on the venue.

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