Reception Venue

The newly constructed venue was designed and built by the family themselves, and their exceptional attention to detail captures the perfect balance between an industrial, factory-like feel and the warmth of the countryside. The entrance foyer displays the signature Smitsfield showcase – the diamond roof trusses. Everything flows from this magnificent room – the venue, the sweeping landscape views and a comfortable lounge with a fireplace where guests could cozy up when the highveld cold sets in.

The venue has many unique features, such as 4 meter high industrial steel windows, 4 different fireplaces, 2 industrial wood burners and a cash bar that brings the old and the new together with the old railway carriage doors used to decorate the front of the bar. Custom designed steel and leather chairs, as well as custom designed wood and steel tables form part of this exquisite venue.

A state-of-the-art sound system takes care of all auditory requirements. Catering is also done on site by well trained and experienced culinary staff. The venue can easily accommodate 300 people, and for smaller functions the steel doors can be closed off in order to create a more intimate atmosphere.

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