Train Accommodation & Bridal Suite

Bridal Suite

Train Accommodation

In keeping with the heritage theme, the skeletons of wooden goods and post railway carriages that remained on the farm have been luxuriously renovated into 15 lavish rooms, including the bridal suite. The vision behind the design was to create two station buildings imitating a railway platform, with restroom facilities at the end of the station.

The bridal suite is renovated from an old cargo coach from the Victorian era, which is where its name originated from. The queens coach has an en suite bathroom, a fully equipped salon with a hair and make up station, as well as a kitchenette and a deck overlooking the highveld surroundings.

In the Royal Oak as well as Victoria Station, each unit contains both a wash-up and a coffee preparation area. The train stations also boast with the lovely addition of a whiskey and cigar room, as well as a braai area. To further extend the accommodation capacity, guests also have the option to set up camp in the dedicated camping area, from which they also have access to ablution and recreational amenities.

The train coaches can accommodate 30 guests

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